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Titan Capital delivers a viable, trusted alternative to the Big Four banks and traditional lending institutions. We know there is no such thing as one-size fits all. That’s why we offer a more bespoke approach to finance applications–to help get your deal over the line, faster.

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Welcome to Titan Capital

Here at Titan Capital, we’re committed to providing loans where and when they’re needed.

The criteria around loans from traditional lenders are ever-changing and increasingly stringent. If you don’t fit their preferred profile, then it can be difficult to get a loan. And that means more people are cut out of the opportunity to secure finance when they need it most.

Fortunately, alternative lending solutions are available. Titan Capital offers flexible, low-doc loans, providing alternative lending options for a wide variety of purposes. With minimal conditions, cash-out functions and the ability to repay quickly so that you don’t have long-term debt from short-term problems, Titan Capital is a leading provider of alternative lending in Australia.

To access our alternative lending solutions, you can offer residential or commercial property as collateral. In turn, we provide you with a loan that you’re able to utilise for your specific needs.

How alternative financing can benefit you

There are a wide variety of people who can benefit from utilising alternative lending. Previous credit incidents, being asset-rich but cash-poor, seasonal income, or simply a significant new opportunity can all be reasons why people opt for alternative lending. We understand that the big banks and mainstream financial institutions don’t always offer products that meet your specific needs or the complexities behind why you might require a loan at short notice.

Self-employed people, people with non-traditional or seasonal income

A common dilemma for self-employed individuals or those with non-traditional income streams is being unable to secure finance from mainstream lenders. Even if you’re quite successful in your chosen field or independently wealthy, it’s not unusual for bigger lenders to be unwilling to engage with you. If you don’t fit their preferred profile, it can be immensely difficult to convince them to lend to you. This is where alternative financing can prove immensely helpful.

Prior credit incidents

If you’ve previously had credit issues, securing a loan can seem like a daunting process at times. Major lenders may be unwilling to take you on as a “risk” even if your financial situation has since stabilised. The good news is that you don’t have to be shut out forever. By borrowing with specialists in alternative lending like Titan Capital and making regular repayments, you can rebuild your credit history and qualify for prime loans again in the future.

Covering costs and short-term debt

If you’re running your own business, you’re aware of how many unexpected expenses can arise at the last minute. Payroll, running costs, equipment replacement and contractors can all put a considerable dent in your funds. These aren’t necessarily long-term debts, and you don’t want to be saddled with expenses for years to come on costs that were momentary. This is where alternative lenders can be useful, with more flexible terms and conditions — not to mention the comparative speed for securing a loan.

Asset-rich, cash poor

Sometimes you’re not in a bad financial position, but you don’t have a great deal of liquidity. Opting to partner with Titan Capital can help free up cash and get you the funds you require.

In-the-moment opportunities

Sometimes, time is of the essence when it comes to taking advantage of business or personal opportunities. So if you’ve got the relevant collateral, the team at Titan Capital can help you get the finance you need — at speed. Conditional approval can usually be acquired within a few hours, and the loan itself can generally be settled within 14 days.


One of the downsides of the major lenders is that they tend to be quite rigid in their products. There are often heavy restrictions around the way funds can be spent, or details that must be specified before the loan is approved. Here at Titan Capital, we offer deliberately flexible loans to ensure that you can utilise them as required.


We understand that sometimes finding the right solution for your client is tricky, particularly if they have had prior credit incidents. But Titan Capital works extensively with experienced brokers to help them secure appropriate financing solutions for their clients.

Get in touch with Titan Capital, the specialists in alternative lending

If you’re looking for alternative lending solutions, make sure you get in touch with the team at Titan Capital. Our BDMs are able to assist you with inquiries and help you get started on your alternative lending journey.

Reach out to us online or call 1300 304 770 today, and make sure to visit our website regularly to keep up with the latest industry news and developments.


What is alternative lending?

Alternative lending is a catch-all term used for loans outside the major banks. It covers a broad range of products, but as a general rule, an alternative lender will offer more flexible loan terms that leverage a wider range of collateral than might be accepted by the big banks. You can find an information pack about Titan Capital’s lending right here on our website.

Why should I use an alternative lender?

People use an alternative lender for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s as simple as having prior credit issues and being unable to secure a loan through more conventional means. In other cases, they may have seasonal income or be asset-rich but cash-poor. For most, though, it’s simply a matter of pragmatism — they need finance, and the traditional banks can’t provide what they need. Whether that’s the amount, the Ts & Cs attached or simply the length of time it will take to get approved, alternative lenders play a valuable role in providing finance when and where it’s needed.

What sort of collateral do I need?

At Titan Capital, we accept residential or commercial property as collateral for our loans. Using this property, we can offer you a term loan, which can then be used to meet your needs..

What if I have a history of bad credit?

All applications are assessed on an individual basis, so this won’t necessarily be an issue. We understand that prior credit incidents may have occurred for a variety of reasons, and also that alternative lending can be part of a pathway to rebuilding your credit history.

What sort of approval time do your loans have?

Our loans can generally be conditionally approved within a few hours, and then settled in as fast as a few days. This makes them an ideal option for anyone seeking alternative financing — you’re able to get the funds you need rapidly, helping you get finance when you need it.

Do you work with brokers?

Yes, we do. If you’re a broker who has had difficulty securing loans for your clients through conventional means or are interested in becoming an alternative lending broker, why not get in touch with the team at Titan Capital today? We’ll be more than happy to work with you to find an appropriate solution for your client’s needs.

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We give you and your clients a viable alternative to traditional lending institutions with more flexible lending policies, competitive rates, and a dedication to customer service the industry’s never seen before.

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In finance most people are kind of hideous!!! You have been soooooo easy to work with. I will certainly concentrate my marketing towards your lending program. Thank you—it was a pleasure to work with someone who has such a positive attitude.

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